Live and online classes

Types of Classes

Yoga Gently ♦  – A very gentle yoga, to open the body, release tension and stress, and bolster your immune system. Suitable for beginners.
General class ♦♦ – Iyengar yoga based practice, minimum 1 year of experience required. Emphasis on correct alignment.
Yoga and breath ♦♦♦ – This class is suitable for all levels. The class starts with movement and yoga asanas to open and free the body and then an exploration of breath and breathing techniques.

On-line yoga classes April 2024

Saturday8.00 – 9.15 General class  ♦♦

Times are London GMT time. Please adjust for your time zone (e.g. + 1 hour for central European time, + 2 hours for Greece).

To join the classes, please make payment using the PayPal links below. Once you have done so details of how to join the class will be sent the email address you use for PayPal.

Online yoga paying in £
Online yoga paying in €

What will you need?

It is assumed that you have practiced some yoga. There is no individual adjustment, but clear instructions are given and alternatives are suggested. If doing a particular pose causes any discomfort you should come up out of the pose.

You will need the following equipment during a session:

  • Yoga mat.
  • Block/s.
  • Belt.
  • Bolster/s.

You will find many things at home that you can substitute – cushions, night gown cord, chairs, big books.

Live yoga classes April 2024

Tuesday10.00  Yoga Gently ♦18.00 General level class ♦♦
Friday10.00  Yoga Gently ♦
Saturday10.00 General level class ♦♦

Tai Chi

Saturday 11.30 (suitable for beginners)