Our Teachers

Sunnah Rose

Sunnah has been practicing yoga for many years but became truly inspired during a trip to India. ”It is amazing how your mind and body feel after just doing a few simple exercises. I love the awareness Yoga has given me of my body and mind. Yoga brings not only stillness and calm but also an indescribable energy and feeling of bliss.” Having trained with many different teachers, she combines her experience to bring a deeply relaxing class intent on releasing the spine alongside a gentle vinyasa (flow) hatha yoga, bringing creativity and dynamism to a practice.

During the week Sunnah will guide you through a variety of styles, including gentle yoga to allow you to journey deeply into the body and a more dynamic Vinyasa yoga to strengthen and dance your way through a class. No experience is necessary and all are welcome, including complete beginners.

“Sunnah Rose took my husband and I on our first yoga retreat.  The mountains and sea air, delicious food, ……starry night skies and of course twice daily yoga sessions made for a perfect combination of activity and pure relaxation.  We have never come back from a holiday more fit and chilled out!”   E. B.

Wale Ladeinde

In The 80’s, Wale was a Martial Arts instructor which led him to practicing Iyengar yoga for flexibility. He moved to Bristol in the 90s and trained as an Iyengar Yoga teacher. Serendipity led to his discovery of Astanga Yoga with Guy Donahay (a personal student of Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois). This led Wale to travel to Mysore in India to Study with Pattabhi Jois.

Wale now teaches Astanga in Bristol.

Wale’s week will focus on having a fun time with the Astanga primary series in the mornings and a recuperative Iyengar style yoga in the evening. The postures will be a adjusted to suit the different levels in the class, so that everyone has an enjoyable experience and can take something away from the holiday.

Wale brings fun and dynamism to his classes.

Lisan Bremmers

Lisan Bremmers is from the Netherlands but has, after many years of roaming the planet, finally put her roots down in Mid-Sweden. She has her own yoga studio and together with her partner Jan she offers mini-yoga and meditation retreats from their lovely home in Torsåker.

At an early age Lisan came into contact with the teachings of Gurdjief and Ouspensky, later she became interested in the non-dual teachings of the Advaita Vedanta tradition and Buddhism. Lisan is a 200 hr certified Hatha yoga teacher trained at the Yandara Yoga institute in Mexico, she is also certified in Medical Yoga through IMY in Stockholm and in Restorative Yoga with Marla Meenakshi Joy. She continues to take workshops with various teachers and is inspired by teachers like Jill Satterfield and Tara Brach. Lisan’s experience of yoga is that once we start to really inhabit our body and awaken our sensitivity we start to connect with ourselves and with others from a much deeper place of joy and confidence. It is the tapping into this ongoing process that she likes to share with others.

What a wonderful week of yoga and hiking! The whole week has made me more calm and aware. I had earlier experienced a more physical form of yoga; the yin yoga in the evening was new to me and proved to be very good for me. I learned how to wake up the body and soul in the morning in a gentle way, and experienced the feeling of becoming one with the body and soul. Lisan, I am so impressed of your knowledge, your hospitality and warmth. THANK YOU!

Katrin W.

Lisa Jeppesen

Lisa has her roots in Denmark, but grew up in Sweden where she has been running her own massage company for the past fifteen years. The last five years she has spent a lot of time in Greece as a walking-guide. She will be your walking/tour guide and massage therapist during your stay. Lisa is certified in Swedish Classic massage, Facial Reflexology By Lone Sorensensistem, a touch of TCM and Shiatsu. Her biggest interest is our connection to mother nature and how we can learn to take better care of her and ourselves.

She will be your walking/tour guide and massage therapist during Lisan Bremmers yoga week. This unique week combines delicious gentle hatha yoga with 2 guided walks (and the option of booking more) and 2 visits to ancient mountain villages where you will dine out together and enjoy authentic traditional Greek cooking, where the cooks will truly spoil you with their homemade cooking.

Susan Dorrell

Susan has flirted with classes for many years, it was on a retreat in Goa that she truly fell in love with yoga, and began to glimpse the truth of the relationship between breath, movement, mind and spirit. The sense of peace, joy and empowerment she experienced was a revelation and inspiration, enabling her to seek growth and change in her life, letting go of fears and embracing new challenges. Since then her love affair with yoga has grown and developed. She feels fortunate to have encountered amazing teachers in many different countries and is full of gratitude for her opportunities to learn from others.

Having trained at Sampoorna Yoga, India (UK & US Alliance) her teaching is based on traditional yoga, embracing the fundamental elements of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Pranayama with an exploratory and playful approach.

Sue believes yoga is about connecting – with ourselves, with others and finding our place in the universe.

Sam Burkey

“The style of yoga I offer in my teaching has grown from the fertile soil of 25 years of yoga and movement practice, mind-body enquiry, personal development and a tenacious curiosity for life.  I integrate elements from many schools of yoga with a broad understanding of body anatomy, a fascination with neuro-science and an ever evolving personal practice.   My aim is to support modern life and to empower those practicing with me to create more beauty, more joy, greater freedom, more aliveness and more vitality in their lives.

Group classes are guided and incorporate traditional static postures and flowing sequences.  The practice is led by the breath and alignment in the body encouraged.  The classes are themed around the seasons, yogic teachings and requests from the students!

Suitable for everyone, whether a total newbie or a seasoned practitioner, you will receive a warm welcome and appropriate support.”

Kyriacos Kousiounis

Kyriacos is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. His 30+ years long yoga journey continues to be one of personal growth and healing.

“I first approached yoga, purely for flexibility for my martial arts training. Physical injuries led me to approach yoga for maintaining my personal health. The list of physical problems that yoga has helped me overcome still amazes me: a weak shoulder that would dislocate with just a cough, chronic lower back problems, knee and ankle problems, asthma, stress and even hair loss!”

“Yoga allows the mind/body to activate a (speedy) healing process and my teaching encourages this personal sensitivity to the intelligence that resides in our bodies.”

He is a sympathetic teacher who understands that yoga is a personal journey for each student. “Because of our different circumstances (age, sex, physical health and ability), I teach with each individual student in mind. Iyengar yoga is well known for the individual adjustments that are given to students to help them understand and progress in their practice.”

Kyriacos is also a tai chi, qi gong and zen shiatsu practitioner, as well as an accomplished cook.  He has previously been a healer at the Penny Brohm Centre and for over twenty years a successful restaurateur.

Rediscovering his Hellenic roots he practices what he calls ‘Integral Healing’ – a bringing together of many healing traditions including energy healing, Reiki, Zen shiatsu, Christian healing and Asclepial dream healing, yoga and tai chi. He loves sharing his passion of food, from the growing in the garden, to the cooking and sharing together.

“I feel very lucky I had the opportunity to spend my holidays together with your yoga practice. The “concentrated” yoga practice together with Kerry’s knowledge of teaching yoga made the difference for me!
During this period I felt full of energy.  Generally, I enjoyed very much, every lesson and I found it different every time. I was never bored and I was always looking forward to our next lesson!
I’m going to continue doing yoga and I’m looking forward to our future yoga practice!”  


” …an amazing week with you. I am so glad we chose to do your week, I found it made me refocus on my yoga practice and life as a whole.”