A week of gentle yoga and somatic movement with Yonnie and Lisan

hatha yoga and somatic movement

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After having fallen in love with the beautiful Mani peninsula in Greece, Lisan returns to teach at the Spirit of Life centre for the sixth year and this week she will co-teach with her good friend Yonnie Fraser. Together, they have many years of teaching experience in the field of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, somatic bodywork, drama and the arts. Their focus will be on sharing the benefits and pleasure that gentle yoga can bring us and how somatic movement uses the unique sensations of the body as a tool to develop awareness, find balance, stay present, self-regulate, feel connected, know and love ourselves.
The program leaves plenty of time to relax, visit the lovely harbour for a coffee or a glass of wine in one of the local taverna, stroll along the beach, visit the neighbouring villages, have a swim in the crystal clear blue sea, go for a longer hike, enjoy a massage or just simply rest.
Optional, are two visits to authentic mountain villages where we’ll meet the locals, dine out and enjoy authentic traditional Greek cuisine. These little villages are hidden gems and far from any tourist traps.

Morning classes
More yang and dynamic oriented, still gentle.
We will begin each session by taking some time to relax and quieten the mind, focusing on the present moment, becoming aware of the breath and creating space between the breaths.
Then we will move into some somatic movements to sense and wake up the body, followed by exploring a well rounded mix of gentle hatha yoga poses.
At the end of the class we return to the same quiet meditative state again, which of course, we never really left.

Evening classes
More yin and restorative orientated to nourish and stimulate our organs and balances the flow of energy in the body. These classes targets the deeper connective tissues, the ligaments and the joints. Because the practise is slow it helps refine our ability to listen to sensations, feelings and thoughts and to just relax with what is. We will also practise some Yoga Nidra or 'yogic sleep' , the state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep. The meditation of yoga nidra guides you through a relaxation process that triggers a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which helps to relieve stress as you wind down.

'' I appreciated that we dove deep into the yoga and that every class was different and with something new to discover. I felt that both body and soul relaxed and that I was able to enjoy the whole expeierence. It was also special for me to attend with a dear freind and to deepen the friendship this way. The program was perfect with respect for people to make their own choices and not having to participate all the time. It’s a beautiful venue with great food and comfortable accomodation. I enjoyed te seize of the group and people coming from different countries. It was stimlating and interesting.''
 - Lena B (Sweden)
I thought the yoga holiday was just brilliant! The location couldn't have been better and Kerry and Wendy did such a good job of looking after us. Their garden for me was perfect and walking through it on the way to your class was just beautiful. Such a good way to start the day. Not to mention saying good morning to the turkey every day! And then there is something so special being with such a nice bunch of likeminded people doing something we all love. It was great that it was multinational too- always very interesting to meet new people from different backgrounds. The yoga with Lisan was great, I was a little concerned beforehand that it would be very different and I wouldn't be able to do some difficult poses but no I thought the level was perfect. I came home so relaxed and feeling so well and happy, thank you all for such a perfect time!
 - Kitty (UK)  

Lisan Bremmers
is from the Netherlands, currently living in Sweden where she runs her own yogastudio and private retreat centre 'Hooyoga'.
Her experience of yoga is that once we start to really inhabit our body and awaken our sensitivity, we start to connect with ourselves and with others from a much deeper place of joy and confidence. It is the tapping into this ongoing process that she likes to share with others. Together with her partner Jan, she offers private yoga and meditation retreats from their lovely old renovated farmhouse near the river Hoo in the Swedisch countryside.
Lisan is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, trained at the Yandara Yoga institute in Mexico, she is also certified in Medical Yoga through IMY MediYoga® in Stockholm and did a Restorative Yoga teaching training with Marla Meenakshi Joy. She loves to study and travel and continues to explore and learn through taking trainings and workshops both online and with inspiring teachers in Sweden and abroad.

'' Lisans yogaclasses are like an adventure, I love how she guides and supports us along the way so we can make our own discoveries, and become more intimate with our body''.   Monique de Jong. (Netherlands)

Yonnie Fraser
lives in Edinburgh and has worked with children and young people in creative rights based projects all over Scotland for the last 25 years. She did her 200 hour yoga teacher training in a small yoga studio in Jaipur and has since gone on to train in yoga mudra, family yoga, yoga and autism and chair yoga. She currently works for a charity called Projekt 42 - the first not-for-profit wellness centre (encouraging mental health through exercise) in Scotland. Here Yonnie teaches a variety of classes - Relaxing Yoga, Beginner’s Hatha, Yin Yoga and Chair Yoga for Seniors. She also runs Yoga and mindfulness classes for young people with the Scottish Youth Parliament.

" Yonnie is not only known for providing incredibly relaxing classes but helping people overcome a variety of physical barriers, improving their strength and flexibility to a point where they are ready to progress to more advanced practice.  In all her classes Yonnie brings a passion for helping people access yoga practice and  delivers advice that is unique to the needs of the individual." - Matt Whale (manager, Projekt 42)