Hatha Yoga and Walking with Lisan and Lisa

Gentle Hatha and walking holiday.

Course type : Holistic Holiday

Come shake off the winter with Lisan and Lisa   Join us for a relaxing and rejuvenating week with Yoga and walking!
After having fallen in love with this amazing region in Greece, Lisan and Lisa are back at the Spirit of Life for already the 6th year. Their yoga and walking week is a perfect combination of physical activity and leisure time and combines delicious gentle hatha yoga with 2 guided walks and 2 visits to authentic mountain villages. These little villages are hidden jewels and far from any tourist trap where you’ll meet the locals and enjoy the best home cooked traditional dishes.

The guided walks with Lisa are from half a day on the Monday to one whole day on Wednesday and will lead us along the gorges, mountains and ancient kalderimi (dry stone footpaths). Here you can discover the real Greece, explore the surrounding foothills and the ancient Byzantine sites. During the week there is also plenty of time to visit the lovely fishing village; listen to the waves, enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine in one of the local tavernas, stroll along the beach, swim in the crystal clear blue sea,  simply read your book or spoil yourself with a massage. Both Lisa and Kerry are experienced therapists and healers and offer wonderful treatments.

Gentle Hatha yoga
Through her years of practising, Lisan has developed her own style and her yoga has become a slowing down, a process of undoing, an invitation to connect with the simple joy of our being. The invitation is to focus on opening, strengthening and softening, balance and flexibility through a meditative and playful approach. The classes are suited for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.

Morning sessions begin with taking some time to quiet the mind by focusing on the present moment, becoming aware of the breath and creating space between the breaths. Then we will move into some somatic movements to wake up the body,  followed by a well rounded mix of gentle hatha yoga poses. Each person is encouraged to honor what serves their body in the present moment and the focus is more on exploring the energetic subtleties of yoga then on challenging our physical practice. At the end of the class we return to the same quiet meditative state again, which of course we never really left.

Evening sessions are more yin and restorative orientated to nourish and stimulate our organs and balance the flow of energy in the body. It targets the deeper connective tissues, the ligaments and the joints. Because the practise is slow, it helps develop our inner listening. The restorative poses, with the help of bolsters, pillows, blankets and belts, offer the body relief from tension and stiffness and allow for the experience of deep relaxation. We will also practise some Yoga Nidra and learn to surf between the states of wakefulness and sleep so that our body can find its natural state of balance.

Lisan Bremmers is from the Netherlands, currently living in  Sweden where she has her own yogastudio. Together with her partner Jan she offers privat yoga and meditation retreats from their lovely old renovated farmhouse. Lisan is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, trained at the Yandara Yoga institute in Mexico, she is also certified in Medical Yoga through IMY MediYoga® in Stockholm and did a Restorative Yoga teaching training with Marla Meenakshi Joy. She loves to travel and continues to explore and learn through taking courses and workshops with inspiring teachers in Sweden and abroad.

Lisa Jeppesen has her roots in Denmark but grew up in Sweden where she has been running her own massage company for the past fifteen years. The last five years she has spent a lot of time in Greece as a walking-guide and health inspirator. She will be your walking/tour guide and massage therapist during your stay. Lisa is certified in Swedish Classic massage, Facial Reflexology By Lone Sorensensistem, a touch of TCM and Shiatsu. Her biggest interest is our connection to mother nature and how we can learn to take better care of oureselves and the earth that we live on.




"Lisan really made me sense and understand what my body needs, in a very gentle, easy and effective way".  Simone v.d. Z. (Netherlands)
"Lisan is an inspiring person and yoga teacher. I appreciated that we dove deep into the yoga and that every class was different and with something new to discover".  Lena B. (Sweden)
"I really enjoy Lisan’s style of ‘teaching’. She isn’t ‘putting us through the yoga paces’ (a lot of yoga teachers do, sadly) but more an exploration of postures. It felt so good to slow down our practice together and talk about and feel the benefits. I love the way Lisan shares her understanding and enjoyment".  Yonnie F. (UK)
"Lisa took us on two gorgeous walks, she knows a lot about the area and obviously enjoyes sharing her love for this region with others. She is a lot of fun to be with"!
"Lisan has a wonderful ability to lead us into deep relaxation and to let us proceed at our own pace during the week. Altough quite stressed upon arrival, after one week I felt both rested and strong again. Thank you both, I’ll be back again next year"! Annica E (Sweden)