Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana
Downward facing dog
downward dog pose
If you have ever watched a dog stretch after resting you will understand why this pose is referred to as ‘downward dog’. It is best to approach this pose from all fours exactly like a dog. In preparation stretch forward in adho mukka virasana.
child pose

From here:
  1. Stretch arms forward, so that the hands start to engage into your mat. The arms should be shoulder width apart.
  2. Spread the fingers wide. the middle fingers should be looking straight ahead.
  3. Tuck your toes under and come up on to all fours.
  4. On an exhalation press through the hand to lift the hips into Adho mukha.
  5. Work the hands and feet strongly.
  6. Keep extending the back of the legs, the soles of the feet and the sides of the trunk.
  7. Breath softly and do not grip the face.
  8. Come back down into adho mukka virasana.

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