What is included on my holistic holiday?

The centre is open throughout the year and has regular weekly classes for locals and visitors to the area.

Classes are subject to change. For all enquiries and current schedules telephone 27210 78240.


Our local weekly classes can be found here:

Classes are general level and are suitable for beginners also. Private lessons can be booked.


For students who may be new to yoga or coping with injury and mobility issues. Previous experience of yoga is not necessary just a willingness to explore your own body through the breath and gentle movement.The yoga studio is fully equipped with props to support each individual’s requirements.

 Yoga can help to preserve and enhance flexibility in the joints which is particularly important as the body ages or when recovering from injury. Yoga also helps our mental health, allowing us to focus on what is happening in our bodies, be more aware of our movement patterns and accepting how we are.


The following therapies are available by appointment::






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