Nature on the Peloponnese


Wild flowers on walking vacations

Greece has one of the richest wild flower populations in Europe with about 5000 plant species. More than 2,500 can be found on the Peloponnese. Of nearly 1,000 species unique to Greece, over 500 grow on the Peloponnese. Many of these rare and unique plants can be found on the Taygetos nountain range and in the southern peninsula of Mani.

There are many wildflowers on the walks around the centre. Greece has two ‘Springs’, once in October with the first rain after the Summer and then again in March until the end of April. In mid-summer the landscape takes on a different feel with cultivated bougainvilleas, geraniums and other plants adding colour. There are still a few brave flowers that can withstand the heat of the summer sun.

The region is famous for it’s olive tree cultivation and the citrus trees. The smell of the orange and lemon trees in blossom is divine and when they are heavy with ripe lemons and oranges, they set the perfect Mediterranean scene. The Olive groves are particularly beautiful with many wild flowers growing amongst the trees. Figs, almonds, mulberries, chestnuts and walnuts also grown in the area.

Wild orchids seen on walking holidays.
Wild Flowers walking holidays
There are many animals to be seen around the Spirit of Life. You will see tortoises eagles, buzzards, owls, foxes and many types of lizard.
Even the insect life is fascinating, with bright iridescent green beetles, many butterflies, lots of serenading crickets and even the occasional praying mantis solemnly sitting with hands together. The sea is only fished by small local boats, so there are plenty of fish to be seen. The rocks are also home to many types of soft coral.

 Rare Mediterranean monk seal

The very rare and endangered mediterranean monk seal.
This pup was seen close to our centre
(click picture to see our seal video)


Jack and Dylan who found us and have made the Spirit of Life home! 
......and one of the many tortoises who live in our garden.

                                                                                                    Downward dog!


                                            Our Zen cat - Molly.
         our animals sol holistic centre

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