The Beach and Swimming

Stoupa, the largest village in the area has three beaches, all very different. Kalogria beach being very beautiful and popular with tourists. The main beach (below) is much longer and has shops and tavernas spread along its edge. Finally there is a small, usually quiet beach to the south and several pebbly bays with sandy stretches North of Stoupa..
              Swimming Spirit of Life
      Looks like a good dive - down at the jetty.
 Stoupa Beach
Agios Nikolaos has two beaches south of the main village as well as a very beautiful jetty you can swim from. it is well maintained with steps into the sea, beautiful landscaping , flowers and very secluded.
turquoise water only 15 minutes walk from the centre.
            Only fifteen minutes walk from the Spirit of Life.
The jetty (locally known as 'Gnospi') has beautiful turqoise water - delicious.



Great for snorkelling.

kalogria beach, greece
Kalogria Beach (click to enlarge)



North Stoupa Beach


 North of Stoupa (click to enlarge)



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