Virabhadrasana II

Virabhadrasana II
Warrior pose II


Named after Virabhadra,  a famous warrior. In common with all standing poses, this poses builds stamina and endurance. The shape of the pose resembles a javelin thrower about to launch his spear.

Imagine that you are a warrior too in this pose. You are poised with latent energy and yet calm and relaxed.

Standing in tadasana, bend the knees slightly, bring the fingers to the middle of the chest and then jump the feet apart. From here:

  1.  Going to the right side first. Turn the left foot in about 30 - 40° and rotate the right foot and leg out 90°.
  2. Align the hips and body to face forward, the shoulders positioned above the hips.
  3. Bend your right leg, shin vertical and thigh parallel to the floor.
  4. The back leg is strong.
  5. There is a strong opening in the hips. The bent leg knee moving back and the straight leg revolving outwards in the opposite direction.
  6. Once in the pose keep relaxing the shoulders away from the ears, soften the face and keep the breath soft. Eyes are softly looking towards your right hand.
  7. Come up from the pose and repeat again to the left.

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