Corpse Pose
Savasana is essential after every yoga practise as it allows the body to assimilate all the new information it has learnt but also to release any tensions in the spine and the rest of the body. The name of this pose describes very well it's main chareacteristic, which is too allow the body to release and relax totally - but not the mind however which must remain sharp and observant.
Lying on your back, the body should be symmetrical and straight. Allow the whole of the legs to role outwards - the little toes moving towards the ground. Arms should be about 30 -40° from the body with palms facing up. A support is required for the back of the head so that the chin is drawn in towards the chest slightly.
Eyes are closed. The tongue is relaxed in the lower palate of the mouth and the lips are very gently touching.
Be observant that the key stress holding areas of the body are beginning to release - jaw, shoulders, hands, thumbs etc.

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