Utthita Trikonasana

Triangle pose
yoga poses utthita trikonasana
Standing in tadasana, bend the knees slightly, bring the fingers to the middle of the chest and then jump the feet apart. From here:
  1. Going to the right side first. Turn the left foot in about 30 - 40° and rotate the right foot and leg out 90°.
  2. Press the outer edge of the left foot down strongly and on an exhalation stretch to the right side.
  3. bring the right hand down to the floor, a wooden block or your shin. Do not allow the body to swing forward.
  4. Move the right  buttock forward and rotate the upper side of the trunk back. extend into the hands and lengthen the trunk and spine to the right.
  5. Keep pressing the back foot down strongly and on an inhalation come up.
  6. Turn the feet forwards making sure they are aligned and repeat to the left. 


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