Kerry Kousiounis

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Yoga Gently

Kerry is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. His 25+ years long yoga journey continues to be one of personal growth and healing.

"I first approached yoga, purely for flexibility for my martial arts training. Physical injuries led me to approach yoga for maintaining my personal health. The list of physical problems that yoga has helped me overcome still amazes me: a weak shoulder that would dislocate with just a cough, chronic lower back problems, knee and ankle problems, asthma, stress and even hair loss!"

"Yoga allows the mind/body to activate a (speedy) healing process and my teaching encourages this personal sensitivity to the intelligence that resides in our bodies."

Kerry is a sympathetic teacher who understands that yoga is a personal journey for each student. "Because of our different circumstances (age, sex, physical health and ability), I teach with each individual student in mind. Iyengar yoga is well known for the individual adjustments that are given to students to help them understand and progress in their practice."

Kerry is also a tai chi, qi gong and zen shiatsu practitioner, as well as an accomplished cook.  He has previously been a healer at the Penny Brohm Centre and for over twenty years a successful restaurateur.

Rediscovering his Hellenic roots he practices what he calls 'Integral Healing' – a bringing together of many healing traditions including energy healing, Reiki, Zen shiatsu, Christian healing and Asclepial dream healing, yoga and tai chi. He loves sharing his passion of food, from the growing in the garden, to the cooking and sharing together.

"I feel very lucky I had the opportunity to spend my holidays together with your yoga practice. The “concentrated” yoga practice together with Kerry’s knowledge of teaching yoga made the difference for me!
During this period I felt full of energy.  Generally, I enjoyed very much, every lesson and I found it different every time. I was never bored and I was always looking forward to our next lesson!
I’m going to continue doing yoga and I’m looking forward to our future yoga practice!"  Katerina

" amazing week with you. I am so glad we chose to do your week, I found it made me refocus on my yoga practice and life as a whole." Debra